Will The World End On 21 December 2012?

The World will end on 21st December 2012!

You must have noticed it’s been insidiously creeping up on us over the last few years. The Prophets Of Doom (PODs) have jumped on the fact that the Mayan Long Count Calendar  put together in southern Mexico and northern Central America millennia ago is about to expire. And with it apparently … us… The human race. We are to become extinct. Painfully!

Linked to this momentous event by the PODs are anything and everything unsettling and scary such as planetary conjunctions, possible future sun spot activity, huge underground bunkers rumoured to be under construction in Norway, more alleged massive bunkers in Russia, the strange goings on attributed to Denver International Airport and many, many more.

What can we do about this terrible event? Do you think we really are all doomed to cease existing on a certain predetermined day? Is it absolutely totally beyond our control?

Experience, with irony, would tell my book’s quiet hero Eric Beemer that a lot of this POD activity is directly linked to profit… namely the manufacture and marketing of extremely profitable end of the world shelters and provisions to stock them with, not forgetting the occasional high budget disaster movie.

Do you remember the event when an elderly American preacher foretold with absolute and total conviction that the world would end on 21st May 2011? His followers believed him without question and a very savvy gent took a cash sum from many of these in return for looking after their pets when they were dead after the world’s end. He made three or four thousand dollars apparently – and no returns when the world blandly ignored the old POD and carried on as usual!

Are the PODs being responsible in their quest for personal recognition? I really don’t think they have the slightest idea how some people are reacting to their words.

Google… “terror about year 2012 prediction” or similar. You may be shocked at what you find.

You will discover worried people out there – some terrified. Real people. People who are struggling to work out how they will cope when the disaster they have been told will happen and which they firmly believe will happen takes place. We’re back to the days when Orson Welles in 1938 broadcast “The War of The Worlds” on radio in the form of a news bulletin as if an actual alien invasion was taking place. It was widely reported at the time that some people really believed the Martians had landed, panicked and actually abandoned their homes and fled.

Okay. Back to the 2012 event. If you’re reading this in 2013 or later I’d be delighted to receive commendations for my accuracy! Shall we look at things as they really are? You will easily find real facts to back up the real information I’ve just taken a little time to research.

Have the Mayans ever prophesied that the world will come to an end at the last month of the year 2012?


Did the Mayans all lie down and die on mass when their organized civilisation broke down around the year 910 A.D.?

Certainly not! Mayans are still around today, and happy. They are still using the modern versions of their beautifully artistic circular calendars for daily use.

Do the last days of a particular type of Mayan calendar really mean that human life will end on this planet?

Absolutely not! It does not, and cannot mean the end of the world!

The ancient Mayans used three types of calendar. The one that’s causing all the commotion is known as “The Long Count Calendar”. It catalogues very long fixed units of time. Probably a round number when originally conceived this time cycle now comes out as approx 5125.36 years when translated into our modern dating system.

This long range calendar’s time cycle will come to an end within the next couple of years or so although it appears difficult to tell exactly when, owing to anomalies between the Gregorian calendar dates which we use now and the very different Mayan calendar dating system.

The present day Mayans appear puzzled and annoyed by the end of the world misconception. As I said they as a race never prophesied this. On the contrary it appears they view the ending of their Long Count Calendar as a joyful event. A time for great joy and feasting. A bit like seeing the old year out in Scotland or the last millennium celebrations (the PODs were wrong then too).

They will positively celebrate the end of the old Long Count Calendar… and this is the crucial message. The message we can put the PODs right back into their shells with until they dream up another ridiculous idea to put the fear of God into people.

The Mayans will positively celebrate the end of the old Long Count Calendar… BEFORE the NEW LONG COUNT CALENDAR starts on the following day!

And if just one of these poor apprehensive people read this insignificant little posting and realize there is no problem at all – never has been — and it’s all for hype and profit, and God willing they will still be alive on the 22nd December 2012 and for the foreseeable future, I for one will feel just a little bit better.

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  1. Nothing is coincidence. Everything is by cause and efceft. The world today is not the world 25,000 years ago. We have much change to our atmosphere oceans and land. A 25,000 years ago compared to today with the middle eastern sands littered with plutonium . The oceans releasing methane gases. We are insane to reason the past for our tomorrow. This is a new world no matter what Renown man tells you we have seen this before it is the usual don’t buy it. The cave men with grubbing hoes did not maintain stock piles of nuclear left overs. While the next Renown caveman man is making his. Come on ..the population it’s self has never been so large. The villages have never been dependent on electricity, computers, satellite, cable ..heat pumps, autos, airplanes the list goes on and on. You would be shocked at the truth of what in fact is the wasting of countries. Just take birth control away in the US and watch the scales of utter oppression kick in. For one moment think about no money or insurance to cover pills, surgery, or abortions how many would now be in damning situations for their . The cost to maintain and the resources alone are not enough to shed abroad with this dim wicked ideology of living like gods. Sooner or later the desperate come forth like the conquistadors and kill you out or the disease of the impoverished is at your window with their disease. Yet the very progression was frontiersman in areas that were not known before or even in existence so what history do you have to analysis with? Only the next problem popping up to your ideas of how to overcome peoples with fear I have a bomb and I have the bank and you will be under us as servants or we will overcome you with genocide or poverty. These are our wrongs that will meet our results..cause and efceft. Weather the saw and knew history long buried in desolation we do not have access to and they say in about a span of this much time people will advance to build a tower into heaven to be gods. Or what ever The civilizations of old only proceed so far and then they bring on their own destruction. Whether they did not advance well enough and come out of their caves or they advance too much and try to rule the world. They are all brought low.Yet only in this time era now can we measure with such preciseness to split atoms and tally cells and DNA. The wonder lays in the tallying the actuality of your own death process ..this should be recorded in time capsules For the next of humanoid/aquatic/cock roach being this guy might be smarter and just enjoy his own life and world.Now doesn’t that sound like the average Joe.Well it is a story line being fed. Every where you look. The world will end by war pollution natural failed economies and last cannibalizing all in sights.

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