Short Stories

 The short stories ‘A Lamp Called Jeannie – a twist of humour’ and ‘The Crystal Set – A Mystery’ are now available on Amazon Kindle.

Henry Plint was not a lucky man. Niggling little things, annoying events and happenings affected him regularly. He accepted these now though, they were part of his life.

His father, now long dead rest his soul, had once, after a particularly bad day at the races taken him aside and explained the facts of life as he saw them to Henry.

Henry son,’ he’d said, ‘Henry son, there’s a serious incurable congenital flaw called ‘Plint’s Insidious Setback Syndrome’ (P I S S).

‘Those unfortunate enough to suffer from it (that’s all Plint’s) don’t:- win lotteries, football pools, holidays, free lunches, raffles, receive windfalls, have easy jobs where everyone else works and we do nothing but rake in bonus and money. 

They also miss buses, stand up in trains, suffer from enormous bills, pay through the nose for everything, wait for hours and hours and hours in airport departure lounges, have to work harder than anyone else, get to shops just after they close, miss the beginnings of non repeat TV programs, get bitten by cats and have piles!

Apart from that they have no problems!  Thought you’d like to know though son, so whenever you’re feeling thoroughly and absolutely pissed off… there’s the reason…’

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