Answered: Your Burning Questions About Oil Lamps

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Anyone Who Owns An Oil Lamp Should Read This Book

Oil Lamps A Guide To Their Care And Operation is a small book HUGE in essential information 

At Long Last here is a book which answers your burning questions giving proven time-tested information for all things oil lamp.

In both e-book and paperback ‘Oil Lamps A Guide To Their Care And Operation’ by Myles Bevis explains Everything: all the Do’s and Don’ts about Oil Lamps, How to Care for them and How to Operate them safely.

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Reveal these important must do precautions about oil lamps

  • The 1 crucial rule to avoid a calamitous explosion
  • 6 essential steps to light your oil lamp safely.
  • How to safely site your lamp.
  • 3 actions never to do when cleaning your antique oil lamp.

Like to fine out more?

Discover the 7 essential steps to perform after installing a new wick in your ‘Aladdin’ mantle lamp plus much more. Safety when using an oil lamp is everything. Lamp oil or Paraffin – Kerosene in USA – is used for fuel, this is inflammable and therefore incredibly dangerous if not used correctly. Lives have actually been lost over the centuries through incorrect usage.

Operating and caring for an oil lamp  is not like the simple act of turning on a switch and having instant light. There are rituals to perform and pitfalls to avoid. When you’ve come to the book’s final page you’ll have all the information you will ever need to operate your oil lamp safely and also how to look after it correctly.

As well as having many photos of beautiful antique lamps I’ve also included a brief history of lighting by oil and descriptions of different types of vintage lighting in use today. I hope you will find ‘Oil Lamps A Guide To Their Care And Operation’ interesting as well as useful and wish you a great and informative read.

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