It’s Not Quite Saturday Night At The Cavern


Createspace Saturday Cavern new June 2014

Just over three years ago a tourist on a hillside at Ireland’s Aran Islands videoed two trendy teenagers and a weird shock haired animal apparently vaporizing. The video went viral as the boys were depicted as Leprechauns… a clever fake… it was dismissed.

However, examination proved conclusively the video was 100% genuine and the young people and what turned out to be a cat with magnetically bushed fur actually did vanish into empty space!

Someone had developed the ability to move living entities from one place to another by using molecular dispersal matter transport technology.

The fact that this information was in the hands of private individuals worried governments who apart from craving the technology were concerned that it could be misused… which was exactly what happened!

A series of events took place which left our planet racing towards destruction.

One ordinary man held the key. Could he turn it in the right direction to save our beautiful world though…?


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